Fukuoka Visa Application Representative Service


handsWorking Visa
Foreigners working in Japan need a status of residence.
The employer must also provide documentation for the employee.
Foreign workers and the employers

businessInvestor/Business Manager Visa
To run a business in Japan, you need to get an Investor/Business Manager Visa.
This visa is extremely complicated.
Foreigners thinking about Investor/Business Manager Visa

weddingMarriage/Spouse Visa
To obtain a marriage visa you need to provide documentation of your marriage.

Foreigners just married

phonePermanent Resident Visa
The most stable visa without restrictions on work for those looking to permanently stay in Japan.
Foreigners who want to stay in Japan for a long
period of time

oldmanChanging status of residence
To do other activities different from the current visa, a change in the status of residence must be made.
For example, when an international student gets a job or a chef decides to open their own business
Foreigners thinking of changing your activity

manExtension of period of stay
All visas (status of residence) except for permanent residents have a set period of stay.
An extension needs to be applied for before the visa expires.