Applying for a Marriage/Spouse visa in Fukuoka


“Marriage/Spouse Visa” when you marry a Japanese national.

This is a common misperception but there are some foreigners think that they can live in Japan if they marry a Japanese national.

However, you can’t live in Japan without a proper status of residence (visa).

Due to many “fake marriages” it may be difficult to obtain a visa. Basically, when a foreigner marries a Japanese national, you can obtain a “marriage visa” or “spouse visa” in the following cases.

  • Marrying a Japanese national
  • Being adopted by a Japanese national
  • Being born as a child of a Japanese national

It’s not only the fact of being married, you need to explain and show proof to Immigration that you live together and support each other as a married couple.

Because of these conditions, the application could be rejected even though it is a real marriage, and they may have to live separately in different countries until the visa is approved.

Sufficient explanation and proof of marriage is absolutely imperative to avoid it.

Are you worried or having problems?

  • Want to shorten waiting time for approval.
  • Don’t want to visit a government office many times.
  • Don’t know what to prepare for the documents.
  • Worried if it’s not approved when you apply by yourself.
  • Have had a visa denied.

Leave it to me!
Removing your visa stress is my job as a visa-processing specialist.

Many advantages you get

  • Swift and efficient visa-application process.
  • Sound advice from a visa-processing specialist.
  • Quick response to your questions by phone or email.
  • Making effective documents based on a person’s individual needs.
  • No need to go to the Immigration Office to gather necessary papers and stand in long lines.

A gyoseishoshi specializing in the visa-application process will give you satisfying services.

3 reasons customers choose me.

First consultation is free of charge!
Also free phone or email consultation after the first consultation.

I will come for you anytime even on weeknights and weekends and anywhere
  in Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto, and Oita.

Money back Guarantee!
The retainer fee will be refunded if the application is not approved or reapplication of the visa will be filed at no additional cost.


Applying for a Marriage/Spouse Visa ¥108,000~
Changing status of residence ¥108,000~
Extending period of stay ¥ 54,000~
Applying for a permanent residence ¥108,000~


① Free consultation (In person, or by phone and email)

Email :
I will come to your house or office.
Discounts will be considered if you have documentation prepared.


② Price quotation

Please feel free to decide your course of action after receiving the quotation.


③ Contract

Retainer fee will be paid through a bank transfer.
It will be refunded if the application is not approved.


④ Application procedure

The approval period depends on your situation.
It will take 1~4 months to obtain a status of residence, and 3 weeks~2 months for changing or extending it.


⑤ Final Procedures

Please pay the remaining fees after everything is done and you have received all your documents.
If the application is not approved, I will reapply for the visa at no additional cost if it’s possible.
If reapplication is not possible, the retainer fee will be refunded.


face3Applying for status of residence is complicated and a lot of work.

I see many people with stress and tension but I am excited to see everyone’s relieved and happy faces after consulting me and obtaining their visas. This is worthwhile for me.

Fortunately, I get “Thank you very much!” from my clients but I am also eternally grateful to them. “Bond” is my favorite word. I value forming bonds with people. I am looking forward to meeting you and forming a strong bond with you.

Kenichi Yamanaka
Administrative Scrivener


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Address : 4-6-22 MaebaruNishi Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka

I will come to your house or office.
Discounts will be considered if you have documentation prepared.



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